Missatge de l’equip Hillary for America a comptes de la Convenció de Trump.

hillary2Friend —
We’ve taken a dark, disturbing turn in this election.
You’ve seen it firsthand: The Republican convention has descended into chaos, with bigoted ranting from its extremist speakers and hate-filled screams of “Lock her up!” And Donald Trump hasn’t even given his acceptance speech yet.
On Tuesday night, there was bizarre talk of a connection between Hillary and Lucifer. On Wednesday, a Trump advisor called for Hillary to be executed. This madness has to stop. And it has to stop now.
It’s time to step up and stand with Hillary. She is strong enough to take whatever comes her way — but your support is what will take us across the finish line and ensure that Donald Trump and the party he hijacked get nowhere near the White House.
Not now. Not ever.
This is our country. And we won’t be insulted, attacked, and bullied out of it. Show our strength now:
Thank you,

Huma Abedin
Vice Chair
Hillary for America

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